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New Years Superstitions

Here are a few Superstitions to keep in mind:

Kiss at Midnight
It is believed that kissing at midnight ensures that affections and ties will continue throughout the New Year. On similar lines, it is said, to not do this would be to set the stage for a year of coldness.

Don’t Keep Debts
Pay your bills and loans before New Year Eve, so you don’t have any debt left for New Year.

Dance in the Open Air
To dance in the open air, especially round a tree, on New Year’s Day ensures luck in love and prosperity and freedom from ill health during the coming twelve months.

Drain the Bottle
You could ensure yourself good fortune by draining the last dregs from a bottle of drink on New Years!

Do Token Amount of Work
It is said that one must do token amount of work on the New Year’s Day. This is said to ensure advancement in career. But starting out a serious work project is unlucky on New Year Day.

Latin Superstitions
1. Many Latin Americans believe wearing yellow underwear on New Year’s Eve brings the person good luck the following year. The yellow underwear supposedly brings happiness, or money, depending on which country you are from. 

2.Walking around the block, or down the stairs, with a suitcase means you’ll have a year with plenty of travel. Always dreamt of taking that dream vacation? Maybe lugging a suitcase will help you out next year.

3. Filling up a cup with water and tossing it onto the front yard means less tears the following year. Puerto Ricans believe throwing buckets of water out the window cleans the old year out.

4. Latinos believe holding cash in hand or in their pocket when the clock strikes 12 bring them financial success the coming years.

5. Making loud noises – like beating pots and pans or setting off firecrackers – at midnight, supposedly scares away negative energies and evil spirits.

6. Sharing – like bringing something to the New Years Eve Party, keeps friendships alive. Sharing is Caring.

While you are lazing about on the couch, make sure you are eating luck foods:
• Grapes – 12 of them, one for every month of the year
• Pork – because pigs root forward when they eat while chickens scratch backward (and bacon is delicious)
• Black eyed peas – here’s a good luck recipe that’s quite tasty and gets you your black-eyed peas and pork all in one meal
• Lentils – which resemble coins
• Greens such as collard greens, chard, cabbage and kale – the folds of the greens resemble money
Many of the foods that are “good” to eat resemble money or have to do with moving forward

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First time DUI offenders.

The State Attorney’s Office provided notification to the DUI defense attorneys about the change soon to come. The letter stated that first-time DUI offenders will have the option to accept a reckless driving charge on the following conditions: they must complete a program, pay a fine and be supervised.

The new rule will not apply if the DUI driver was involved in an accident or if they had minors in the vehicle at time of DUI.

This new policy will not be in effect for at least a few more weeks, there is still minor details to be discussed.

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Nebbia – What does this mean?

Many times a Judge issues a Nebbia requirement to a bond.

This means that we must prove to the Judge and the Prosecutor where the monies to post bail is going to be withdrawn from along with sufficient collateral.

Sample: $50,000 with a Nebbia.
We need to justify $5,000.00 and collateral valued at minimum $50,000.00.

As long as you can document the monies it can be used. You can use Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Money Market Accounts, Credit Cards, Impound Receipts, Spare Change and so on. (Limit the CASH donations to $300.00 or less).

When it comes to collateral the best source is property. The less money owed on the home the better. You must deduct monies owed to the current market value to obtain the estimated value of your home. Collateral can be negotiated.

What it all comes down to is the Judge and Prosecutor wanting to assure the monies and collateral being used are hard earn and not a source of the charges pending on the defendant.

Once the Nebbia is APPROVED and an Order is signed by the Judge,  bond can be posted!

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Dade County Cuts 3% of Employees

Is our economy getting any better? I don’t think so!

This morning it was brought to my attention that Governor Scott has a proposed budget that is slashing $3.3 billion dollars from education.  (2011 Governor’s Bill)

All Dade County Departments are to cut 3% of staff; Police and Fire Departments are exempt.  The Department of Corrections is set to lose 1,690 positions and the Department of Children and Family Services will lose 1,849 positions.

1,849 positions from DCF meaning they will cut the employees that value their positions and have been working there for 20 years to leave the negligent ones that cost them less money.

This aint a Tax Payers world, this is a Politicians world. Why don’t they cut half of their salaries and benefits?

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Pretrail Release?

Pre-trial services uses tax dollars which are very much needed for education. Tax dollars should not be used to bail out those who have the means to pay. The government has issued new budgets to public schools and hasn’t analyzed the millions of tax payer dollars used for Pre-Trial Release on defendants that do not qualify for the program. (example: repeat offenders, violant crimes such as  ASSAULT, RAPE, and many more)

Bail bonds work because they assign responsibility and financial liability to parties who can control the outcome – getting the defendant back to court while allowing them to return to work and freeing up public funds (via jails & staff). This, of course, at no cost to the public.

Pre-trial release is nothing more than another government program that costs taxpayers money. Here is a video to better inform you.

Pretrial Exposed

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An unprofessional lawyer…

I admit that I used public information to email criminal attorneys in order to recruit walkers for the WALK like MADD event. I did not commit any crime nor did I invade anyone’s privacy.

However, I did receive a reply that was very disturbing specially coming from a professional that is listed as a member of The Florida Bar since 1993.

The reply stated “Don’t ever e-mail me again. It is one thing to punish someone when they do wrong it is quite another to destroy the Fourth Amendment with your illegal traffic stops. FUCK YOU .You are no better than Natzies!”

Do you think a professional attorney should be using such foal language? I responded as professional as I possibly could.

My response stated “Wow kind of unprofessional for an attorney. I apologize if our effort in assisting an organization utilizing individuals with in my field area bothered you. I will make sure never to give a good word about you or anyone in your office”.

Obviously, at this point I deleted them from my contact list in order to avoid any further contact. I thought I was doing the right thing by apologizing. Apparently, my apology was more aggravating to this so called officer of the court.

The final reply stated “Maybe you do not have any respect for the Constitution but I do. MADD is the type of organization that sounds like it is doing a good thing but in the end that is exactly how freedom is lost. Incrementally you give it up for this good cause or that good cause and the next thing you know the despots are in control. It is not me that is unprofessional it is you. If you understood the value of the Fourth Amendment you would not work for this group and would be as outraged as I am. Go back and study history and see how much of our hard earned freedom we have lost. My relatives fought in the American Revolution it is their blood I respect, not you. Do not contact me again!”

Feeling confused I decided to take a glance at the 4th amendment to see what has changed since my last history class back in 1995.

Fourth Amendment – ‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.’

Nothing has changed. MADD is not conducting unreasonable searches or issuing warrants. All MADD is trying to do is educate people on the dangers of DRINKING and DRIVING. Law enforcement conducts DUI check points to try to avoid fatal accidents. They aren’t trying to punish people for having fun; they are simply trying to implement responsibility. Designate a driver, call a cab or rent a room but don’t drink & drive. You can be hurting not only your self but others as well.

And as for the unprofessional attorney apparently, she is more worried about her freedom, then about reality. Until, she loses a loved one to a tragic accident she won’t regret how unprofessional she was today using foal language. But, she did get a chance to use her FREEDOM of speech.

Thank you, Kerry Marie Kolsh for giving me somthing to blog about today!

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Thank You – Mike Rodriguez

I want to take a moment this morning to thank Mike Rodriguez for an excellent job on recreating my website. You have great talent!

Also, need to thank Nik Martinez for connecting us.. Check out Mike Rodriguez at  http://www.mikerodriguezdesigns.com/index2.php let him know Aly recommended you. I like to give credit where it is deserved!

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